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During this story, you will get a chance to ‘ride and decide’ with Speedy Piran.  Try your best to keep the contents of the crate safe as you find your way around Bude and discover the inventions of Goldsworthy Gurney.

There are two depths to this story - whatever your age, start with the 'First Time' version to learn the characters and the problems. Read again to discover all the outcomes. The Lost Church story contains clues that will help you discover the location of St Piran's Oratory - only for the dedicated!

Speedy Piran's little adventure with the Bude Light


Hi, I'm Speedy Piran and I need your help! The Captain has brought me to Bude to deliver a crate to the castle but which way should I go?

During this interactive story, you will get a chance to ‘ride and decide’ by choosing what happens, and clicking the hyperlinks that take you to different parts of my book.

You can read my story again and again to explore all our options. Try to keep the crate safe as we journey to the castle, and discover more about Goldsworthy Gurney, a local inventor from Bude.

Yours, Speedy Piran

Bonus story: There are two 'depths' to this story. The 'Lost Church' version tells the same story, with extra detail to help locate St Piran's Lost Church. Collect all the clues from each Speedy Piran book and help him discover the location of the 'Lost Church' in his Big Adventure.

KernoCards: While you are reading the story, collect the KernoCards - these will give you the background into the characters, places, inventions, properties, myths and legends of Cornwall. There are 17 to collect in this story. These are PDFs that can be downloaded to Kindle, stored separately and collected.


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