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During this story, you will get a chance to ‘ride and decide’ with Speedy Piran.  Try your best to arrive at Smugglers Cove on time, so you can find out what is going to happen!



The Captain's brand new motor boat....

The Captain has just bought his brand new motor boat back to the Cornish port of Treeth. It was already late and getting dark when they arrived.

“You can moor up wherever you like tonight, Speedy Piran" Says the Captain as he heads home for his own bed.
“I shall need you early in the morning, though. Good night.”

Speedy Piran has a choice about where to sleep tonight. Should he choose the Quay, or the River?














Speedy Piran chooses the quay. He reckons that there is a storm coming and he will be more sheltered in there. Even though the wind blows and he can hear the waves crashing against the quay walls, he manages to get to sleep quickly.


















Piran ties himself up by the jetty on the river but he can tell that a storm approaches. During the night Piran can hear the wind blowing and see the lightning striking.

As the tide comes in, the waves from the sea come crashing down all around him. Piran lies awake as he is rocked from side to side. “I can’t sleep here” he says to himself and in the dark he makes his way to the quay.



















A Rude Awakening.....

After a safe night sleeping in the quay, protected from the worst of the storm, Piran is rudely awoken by Grumpy Jim, the old steam boat.

“You need to be at Smugglers Cove by 7 o’clock and don’t be late” he tells Piran.

“But I can’t show you where it is. I’ve got work to do. You'll have to ask Dotty or Doug“ and off he chugs out of the quay and down the river.

Does Speedy Piran choose Dot the Yacht or Doug the Tug?

















Dotty the Yacht:

Piran says “Excuse me Dotty, do you know the way to Smugglers Cove?”
“Excuse me, it’s Dorothy. I’m not Dotty” she says. “That the problem with the youth of today. No respect for their elders. It wasn’t like that in my day…” she started and Piran has to wait 10 minutes while she complains about the general lack of respect she gets from all the younger boats at Treeth.

Eventually Piran can ask again. “so do you know the way, or not, Dotty, er, I mean Dorothy?”
“It’s that way” she says as she points out towards the sea. “Turn left at the Devils Fork.”
“Thanks” calls Speedy Piran and rushes off, reckoning he will be late.

Speedy Piran follows the flow of the river out to the sea. As he approaches, Piran can see the right hand bank is dominated by a castle and the left has a huge red and white lighthouse upon it. He sees three tall pillars emerging from the sea. He guesses these are the Devil's Fork and starts to turn left.

















Doug the Tug:

Piran approaches Doug and gets a friendly smile.
“ello, m’lad. New round here aren’t you. How can I ‘elp?”
“I’m looking for Smugglers Cove. Do you know where it is?” Piran asks.
“’Course I do and I’ll show you as well. I’m heading that way to meet the big container ship that’s due in. It’s my job to show it safely through the rocks ‘round here.”

Piran follows Doug as he chugs out of the quay and right to the mouth of the river. As they approach the sea, Piran can see the right hand bank is dominated by a castle and the left has a huge red and white lighthouse upon it.


“The rocks ‘round here have sunk many a ship” he warns and nods to three tall pillars emerging from the sea.
“Those rocks there are known as the Devils Fork. It takes a lifetime of experience to know when a boat can sail through them. Best you go ‘round them to Smugglers Cove.”

















The Devil's Fork....

The rocks below the lighthouse are very tall and mysterious as Speedy Piran approaches them.

There is clear space between each of the tall pillars and the water looks safe enough.

Piran reckons he could easily steer through the pillars of rock. Which way will he go? Will he go through the Devil's Fork or around them?

















Piran decides to take a chance and sails up to the pillars of rock that tower out of the sea. As he gets closer he can see there are other rocks in the water, just below the surface. It looks dangerous and Piran decides to turn back. Just then, a huge wave pushes Piran in the wrong direction.


As the swell goes down, Piran feels himself wedge between the two rocks. He can’t move! Time ticks by as he waits for the tide to come in and free him.

Eventually the sea rises enough and Piran is free but he’s wasted a lot of time and he’s late to arrive at Smugglers Cove.



















Piran decides to take the longer way around the Devils Fork rocks. As he steers past them, he can see other rocks below the surface that look dangerous. He is glad he took the long way around. “Short cuts mean long journeys” he thinks to himself.



















Arriving at Smugglers Cove....

Piran arrives at Smugglers Cove to find an enclosed bay with golden sands. Both ends have huge cliffs that slope down to meet in the middle and Piran can see the town high above him on the cliff tops.

On the right hand side, the Captain is waiting for him at Secret Steps Jetty and Speedy Piran heads towards him.

Is Speedy Piran on time, or is he late?
















Speedy Piran is on time:

“Well done Piran” says the Captain. “You’ve arrived on time for me to tell you what’s happening in Smugglers Cove today.

Monday is Pirates. I shall Captain the Dark Moon, our Pirate ship anchored in Devmouth, just up the coast. I shall sail it back to Smugglers Cove for some swashbuckling pirating adventures. Piran, you wait here for some customers to take out for a ride. See you all later.”

The Captain leaves the along the walkway and back onto the beach.

"Well, swash my buckles.", thinks Speedy Piran to himself. "Pirates! What an exciting day this will be."

















Speedy Piran is late:

The Captain is just leaving when Speedy Piran appears.

“Can’t stop to tell you about today’s work Piran or I’ll be late” says the Captain and with that he rushes off along the jetty and back to the beach.

Oh dear.

Speedy Piran doesn’t know what to expect on his first day in Smugglers Cove. He’ll just have to wait and see.

















Meeting the Customers....

Speedy Piran is waiting by the jetty. Next to him is another boat called Rocky the rowing boat.

“Hello” he calls, “welcome to Smugglers Cove.”
“I hear you are the fastest boat in the Smugglers Cove fleet!”

Just then, a tall man walks along the jetty with his family and asks if Piran would take them for a ride. What does he do?

Offer to take them for a ride, or politely say no?
















Take the customers for a ride:

“Of course Sir” says Speedy Piran. “Please climb aboard.”
The man smiles and his two children carefully climb aboard and sit down.
Rocky the rowing boat gives him a smile as he leaves.



















Politely say no:

“I’m not sure I should” says Speedy Piran. “May be one of the other boats can help you instead?”

The children look disappointed and the little girl starts to cry. Just then Rocky the rowing boat whispers to Speedy Piran.
“That’s your job today, Speedy Piran. You need to take the customers to out into the bay.”

Oh dear. Speedy Piran has got it wrong.

“Sorry” he says to the man and his family and they carefully climb in.


















Customers enjoy the ride in the bay....

Speedy Piran motors out into Smugglers Cove. The children laugh as the wind rushes through their hair and they drag their hands in the water. "Wow. Look at those rocks. I wonder what they are called." says the boy.

"They are known as the Devil's Fork" says Speedy Piran knowledgably, "and that lighthouse warns ships to stay well away in case they are wrecked upon them" he adds.

Just then a pirate ship appears on the horizon. The customers watch as the Dark Moon sails into the cove.

The Dark Moon sails past Rocky the rowing boat and lowers it’s anchor in the middle of the cove, it's red and black sails bellowing in the wind.

There is a huge bang as the ship’s guns fire at the shore.
The old museum building explodes and Speedy Piran can see a fire on the top floor. The pirates have lowered a rowing boat that is taking a dangerous bunch of pirates to shore.

What should Speedy Piran do? Should he watch the action or try to stop them?
















Watch the action:

Speedy Piran takes his customers closer to watch the pirate action. When they reach the shore, the pirates run into the old museum. Soon afterwards they run out with a treasure chest.
The children urge Speedy Piran to stop them but he assures them that it will be OK. As the pirates load the treasure chest onto the boat and row back to the Dark Moon, he sees that one of the pirates is the captain!


















Try and stop them:

Speedy Piran motors closer but the pirates have already reached the shore. As he watches, they run out of the museum with a treasure chest and load in into their rowing boat. Speedy Piran decides to head them off and catches up with them as they near the pirate ship.
Just as he nears the rowing boat he recognises the captain as one of the pirates. He tries to stop by turning away but ends up showering the rowing boat. The wave rocks the boat and the captain falls in the water!

As he is pulled back on board the children cheer that the pirates have got wet. When the Captain hears happy customers, he smiles and the pirates continue to row their boat towards the pirate ship.

“Oh dear”, thinks Speedy Piran, “what a silly boat I have been.”


















The Pirates sail on.....

After the pirates have loaded the treasure chest the Dark Moon raises its anchor and sets sail out of Smugglers Cove and past Speedy Piran.

The children boo the pirates because they have got the treasure from the old museum!

One of them asks if they can follow the pirates ship and rescue the treasure. What should Speedy Piran do?

Should he follow the pirate ship, or not follow it?


















As the ship sails away, Speedy Piran decides to follow the pirates. The children cheer and Speedy Piran motors to catch up with the pirate ship.

Before he can catch them though, Speedy Piran gets a call on his radio..

“Captain to Speedy Piran, Captain to Speedy Piran. Motor to grid location 21, 34 to rescue me.”
“Aye Aye Captain” replies Speedy Piran. “Hold on children, we’ve got a rescue mission."
The children cheer as Speedy Piran heads off.

















Don't follow:

Speedy Piran decides that they had better not follow the pirate ship and starts heading back to the Secret Steps jetty.
The children are upset and the little girl starts crying.

Just then he gets a call on the radio.

“Captain to Speedy Piran, Captain to Speedy Piran. Motor to grid location 21, 34 to rescue me.”
“Aye Aye Captain” replies Speedy Piran. “Hold on children, we’ve got a rescue mission before we head back to shore.”

The children cheer as Speedy Piran heads off.
















The Island.....

Speedy Piran reaches a rocky island and realises that it is the location that the captain gave him. He motors around it to find a sandy beach on the far side and the captain waving to them, looking rather wet.

“Thanks children for coming to rescue me. The pirates have hidden the treasure in a cave over there. When I told them it was wrong to take it, they made me walk the plank and left me to the sharks!”

The little girl asks what should be done about the treasure. “We can’t just leave it here for the pirates to collect later” she says, “we must return it where it belongs.”
"But the pirates might come after us" warns the boy, "and chase us when they find it has gone."

What does Speedy Piran do? Does he take the treasure back to the old museum, or leave it in case the pirates come after them and cause more trouble?















Leave the treasure:

"We had better leave it here and report where it is" reckons Speedy Piran. The boy agrees. "I don't want those pirates coming after me" he says.

Speedy Piran, the Captain and the customers make their way back to the mainland, leaving the treasure behind.

On the way back to Smugglers Cove, the Captain radios into the harbour patrol to check out the cave on Rocky Island. The harbour master confirms that he will send a boat out when he gets a chance, but the port is busy at the moment and it may not be for a little while.

When they arrive at Secret Steps Jetty, the customers get out and thank the Captain for their pirating adventures. After they have paid for the ride, Speedy Piran receives a call on the radio.

“Harbour Master to the Captain, Harbour Master to the Captain. Just had a call to say that the treasure chest is not in the cave on the island. Over”

The children are sad to hear this news.

“The pirates must have returned after we left” the little boy says. “It is a shame the museum won’t get their treasure back” says the little girl and starts to cry. “We should have taken it back ourselves after all” she sobs between tears.

“Never mind” consoles the Captain. “I’m sure we will catch up with those nasty pirates sooner or later. Thanks for all your help and thanks for rescuing me. I hope you’ve had fun. Enjoy the rest of your time in Smugglers Cove.”


















Take the treasure back:

"I don't like the idea of the pirates coming after us" says Speedy Piran, but I like the idea of them getting the treasure even less."

The girl nods her approval. The captain agrees to help the children take the treasure chest back so he helps the customer fetch it from the cave and load it aboard Speedy Piran.

As they head back to shore, the children open the treasure chest to see gold, silver and precious jewels beyond count.


Eventually they arrive back at Smugglers Cove and motor up to the jetty outside the old museum.

They are met by Old Mr Crudge, the museum curator. He smiles when he sees the treasure chest.

“Thank you kindly Captain” he says.

“It wasn’t me” the Captain explains, “it was these children who rescued me and the treasure from the pirate’s secret island. It’s the children you should thank.”
The museum curator goes back into the museum and returns with two shiny swords.

As the customer pays the captain for boat ride, the children wave their shiny new swords about.
"Thanks Speedy Piran, that was the best day ever" says the little girl.
"May we have a look around the museum please Dad?" asks the boy.
"Of course" he says and the family make their way inside, past the smiling museum curator, helping him inside with the treasure chest.


















The end of the adventure....

Speedy Piran makes his way back to the quay and thinks about the adventures he has had today. As he settles down to sleep and looks around at all the boats in Treeth, he is excited about his new home and sure that he will be having many more adventures here.


The End.

















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