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Free interactive family adventure stories that help you discover more about Cornwall


Coming on holiday to Cornwall? Want to know more about the people, places, myths and legends?

I'm the fastest motor boat in Cornwall. Come and 'ride and decide' with me in my interactive stories and choose what happens. My adventures are for all the family - not just the kids!

Find out about Madgy Figgy - the witch of St Levan, find out what Betty Stogs did, where the Doom Bar is and what Goldsworthy Gurney invented.

Meet Doug the Tug and Dotty the Yacht. Find out what the sea birds did to her shiny new decking... Listen to the story of Gabby the Crabber about the fishing fleet in St Ives....

My stories are best when they are read out loud several times so everyone can join in and all choices can be explored. Put on your life jacket and visit http://www.speedypiran.co.uk/ to climb aboard!


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