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Games to play in Cornwall

Are we there yet? is the familar cry. Play these games that only work in Cornwall to give the adults something to do. The kids can join in too if you want to let them!

Only in Cornwall

Only In Cornwall

There are some strange place names to spot when driving down the A30. Work as a team to spot each one. They will appear in the order below, once you cross the River Tamar:

  1. Tregadillet
  2. Polyphant
  3. Plusha
  4. Bolventor
  5. Blisland
  6. Helland
  7. Demelza
  8. Indian Queens
  9. Zelah
  10. Ventongimps


The Saints Game

Each saint's name that is spotted earns a point, but each saint can only be counted once on each journey.


Tre, Pol, Pen

"By Tre, Pol and Pen will ye know the Cornishmen" is how the saying goes.

A point each for spotting place names containing either Tre, Pol or Pen. With three people then each person takes a name each. With 4 or more, the extras are spotting 'Tre' and it's first to call out gets the point.


I Scream!

There are at least 10 different ice cream makers in Cornwall.

First one to spot a sign promoting each one wins the point. Extra points for trying them all!

  1. Callestick Farm Dairy
  2. Gerry's Originals
  3. Helsett Farm
  4. Kellys of Cornwall
  5. Mr B's
  6. Nauti But Ice
  7. Perranporth Dairy
  8. Roskilly's
  9. Moomaid of Zennor
  10. Treleavens

Remember eating local ice cream is good for the environment because it saves on food miles...!



Not strictly a game that you can only play in Cornwall, but definitely one that we enjoy.

First one to spot each one wins a point. Only 15 points available....

In a field
On a sign
In or in a vehicle





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