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Since I moved to Devon in 2003, I have enjoyed eating the best breakfasts, discovering the history of the area and playing on the beaches around the South West. My family enjoy living down here, and this site shows how much we get out exploring each weekend.

As any children's book publisher will tell you (if you can ever get to talk to one), never say that you wrote your books for your children. But of course, that is just how it started - a few simple stories about a boat we liked when we visited the seaside one day. Now, several years later it has turned into a fully interactive adventure story richly woven with the history of Cornwall. This has all been put together primarily for my family and friends, but if you stumble across it and enjoy anything please do email me.

Although the story of St Piran is only a recent interest, my thanks go to those at St Piran Trust that were working hard to preserve what is left of the lost churches, long before I had ever heard of Gear Sands.

All the words, graphics and design are my own creation (although sometimes inspired by others!). Please do not use without permission from me.

Lastly, although I have been painstaking in using the truth about Cornwall's places, people, stories and events, if you spot something wrong, please let me know.

Marc Coton, hello @t SpeedyPiran.co.uk

April 2012

All content designed and created by Marc Coton. Please enjoy, but remember, it's mine!

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